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Though the first thought may concern marriage relationships, siblings and business partners also suffer. Be convinced that solutions can be found no matter what. After researching the history, love was not always the rationale for marriage until rather recently. Nor were unions common between different religions and ethnic cultures. We live in a world today that allows same-sex unions, though not in every country. Relationship counseling that brings people closer and resolves disputes has taken on new meanings as being very important to combat personal strife.

Why do spouses get together for a long term commitment?

Love attraction

Financial power 

Legal advantages


Religious partnership  

Happy and healthy relationships require love and commitment

As seen in the bird and animal lifestyles too, love and affection may last lifelong. In addition to the necessary food, clothing, and shelter, you need positive values and belief systems, roles, and responsibilities mutually agreed upon. 

Pre-marital counseling would have saved many unions through preventive action. After planning the salient factors like jobs and incomes, children and their futures are needed.

What problems concern relationship issues?

  • Research reveals that weak communication and misunderstanding that result from it is the leading cause of conflict. When egos clash, it is evident that relationships are weakening and can disrupt work or personal lives. 
  • Especially where spouses are attracted to lovers outside marriage, it is a question of trust being lost. Restoring confidence by marriage counseling is no easy task, and a patient hearing for both spouses would help clear the air.
  • The accomplishment of collective goals agreed upon before or early in the marriage may have suffered. Like a referee, the counselor sorts out who is to blame and what the lapses were. Contemporary weddings often appear like business partnerships, and a lot of mediation may be required to prevent escalation of issues.
  • Sex promoted close bonding, and weakened sex drives may seek solutions. Couples counseling may strengthen sex bonds and suggest strategies to improve.
  • Prevention of separation or divorce could be on the list provided both partners wish to continue the relationship through a shared commitment. 
  • Relationships with the families of the spouses could be the constraint. Though modern life stresses nuclear families, those age-old family ties may require strengthening.
  • Money and property could also become contentious issues in marriage that the counsellor may help straighten out.
  • Addictions, mainly of gambling, alcohol, and drugs often interfere with relationships and require delicate handling. Violence could aggravate situations.
  • Whether to have children or not and the number of children and finances could become an influential plan to discuss with the counselor. 

Deciding the right time for relationship counseling

Most of us have an instinct to understand when things are going wrong. Sometimes it does appear as if a wall has performed between partners or family groups. Small reasons could cause such a rift that gradually increases with time. Bitter relationships should be rectified early. When an expression is hampered and even talking may end, it is time to seek a mediator. Family heads, elders, or seniors at the workplace could also carry out some counselling therapy sessions. Relationship counselling can set right a lot of personal problems.

Disagreement or withdrawal, criticism, or contempt

Interactions could show differences in shared concerns, personal or official. Criticizing each other or policies and rules indicates something bothering the relationship. An event that stresses the couple or family group may require analysis and solution. Decision making is no easy task that requires courage. Perhaps the counsellor could promote stronger relationships to facilitate that by emotionally focused therapy. Abusive relationships involving infidelity and addiction require urgent attention. Achieving stronger relationships with willingness and commitment lies at the heart of most counselling sessions.

Locating the best relationship therapist

  • Reputations & recommendation matter and online reviews, but be wary! Among the choices are clinical psychologists, marriage or family therapists, licensed counselors, or social workers.
  •  If not traditional face to face meetings, online services carry several advantages to avoid seemingly awkward personal sessions.
  • Online chatting and video sessions, even phone calls are preferred by some for obvious reasons. Yet, haven’t you heard that no secrets should be held from the family doctor or lawyer?
  •  Open up frankly and get rid of complexes in the mind though it might be a terrible situation, caught amidst several options. 
  • By living far apart, online counseling can bring two or more persons to face to face in their privacy settings.
  • Physical meetings are thus avoided. Perhaps physical sessions give rise to anxiety and worry for some people.

Services Offer

In what ways have relationship differences affected family or married life, work duties, or professional goals? Where does the problem lie? Who is to blame for certain shortcomings? Be prepared to talk at length in the safety of trust. Since everything would remain confidential, there is nothing to worry about it. It would be a good idea to write short notes of what you wish to tell the counsellor. Things that took place weeks, months, or years ago could be useful now to aid diagnosis. 

Handling sensitive matters that affect relationships is the hallmark of our counsellors. Addictions and infidelity, violence, and dishonesty may be frowned upon in society. On a personal level, they can be very destructive and result in business failure or disintegration of marriages. Don’t wait for emergencies and seek counselling when problems seem to be getting worse. Prevention is a better policy, don’t you think that?

Compared to relationship counselling, medical diagnosis is more comfortable with tests and examinations. Psychology also has tried and tested methods that will be applied. Counselling forms one of the helping industries where personal characteristics are significant. A helping hand is what the world needs under severe stress. No matter what crisis relationships have reached, seeking therapy will bring a positive solution. Hope remains forever alive, and that is why existence is a blessing. 



Thanks to Tanishka Pathak, Counseling Psychologist at MY FIT BRAIN, She helped me in clearing out my depression and things i held onto from my past.
She helped me in focusing on my present and gaining confidence back in life.

I strongly recommend Tanishka if you are seeking help or advice.

Ishank Aggarwal  


Tanishka Pathak helped me to improve my mental health. She supported me in my difficult time and guided in positive direction.
Thanks for it.

If you suffering from any kind of mental health issue, I will recommend you to take advice from her.


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It’s really good that you are active in social services too.
Your work really inspired me …
Spreading awareness of a better life by camping is your best move.

Sachin Dixit

Great work for society My Fit Brain, Keep it up.
Now a day everyone is suffering from depression, tension and other similar problem, the step you took it will definitely help lot of people, who don’t know how to handle today life problems with keeping mind cool.

Praveen Atri

डियर डॉ. नेहा
जैसा की आपकी टैग लाइन दर्शा रही है की ” हम आपकी भावनाओं की कदर करते है” बिलकुल उसी के अनुरूप क्युकी हम अक्सर अपनी भावनाए अपने बच्चों में ही देखते है! बस यही कामना है की आप ऐसे ही लगे रहे, ईश्वर सदैव आपके साथ है.

Anuj Mittal

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Abhishek Kumar

Great team of psychologists, with relevant knowledge and the ability to touch upon different themes related to mental health beautifully.

Hrishita Sharma

I am totally confused about my thoughts and due to this I am lacking in my day to day life , Anita Eliza mam counsel me and guide me to deal with day to day issues , she motivated me a lot , I am very thankful to her for the help .


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