Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess.

Challenging situations like job loss and divorce, health issues, and annoying relationships could result in depression. Counselling at critical times would restore self-esteem and build positive approaches.

Explore a way out through expert advice to enhance confidence. Particularly, sufferers of emotional or physical and sexual abuse need a boost to self-esteem. Religion, culture, and race often provide grounds for discrimination. 

Causes of diminished confidence

  • Distressing experiences resulting from cruelty and abuse by spouses and parents could lead to shocking trauma. 
  • Destructive thinking could result from negative factors and lead to deteriorating confidence when you feel unworthy and useless.
  • Environments like parents and teachers that do not support and encourage would result in feelings of inadequacy.  

  • Comparisons that show somebody in a weak position lead to weak images of ourselves.

Expressions of weak confidence

  • Deficiencies are often expressed through weak body images and physical appearances. We think of physical inferiorities that may be imagined and not real. 
  • Comparisons can be debilitating. Society is a ladder with some above and some below. If constant comparisons are made with those who are better academically, professionally, or in terms of wealth and property, confidence is diminished. 
  • An increase in social anxiety may result in avoiding occasions and staying alone with your thoughts. 

  • The key to success is self-assertion that is lacking in such individuals. Thus, they are unable to make progress in social, academic, or professional spheres. 
  • Doubts and confusion cloud the mind and thoughts. Performance weakens and obstacles appear at every step. 
  • Feeling unworthy and helpless is common and worry about being judged harshly prevents participation in events, socially and professionally. 

A solution exists for every problem

Such weak confidence levels are related to the mind though caused by a number of conditions. The mind and bodywork in harmony and one affect the other. A healthy lifestyle must feed both the mind and body with nutrition and exercise like adequate regular sleep.

Build self confidence

Though psychology and psychotherapy may be clouded in mystery, it is good to think that solutions can be found. NLP and CBT are some procedures that enable a better understanding of how the mind works. Faults in thinking and alienation from negative influences would clear up the situation. An object or picture, place, or person that depresses had best be avoided. What cheers you up should be preferred. New friends and activities help to keep the mind away from depressing thoughts. 

How will counseling help restore confidence?

  • Experiences long ago may have generated negative thoughts that can now be changed. Thoughts need to be restructured with rational thinking, and changes in behavior will happen.  Doubts will gradually dissipate. Tasks help like keeping daily records of situations and emotions, thoughts, and reasonable responses.
  • Identifying and recording your strengths in preferred media forms help in overcoming problematic situations. Goal setting will help focus the mind on practical tasks and boost confidence. 
  • Focus on positive counselor relationships to enhance confidence as the first step to safely opening up. Trust is needed.  Understand the goals of such counseling and what would be the positive outcomes. Start with life experiences where negativity was involved. 
  • The past does impact the present, but how? Explore the thought patterns along with the core beliefs and behaviors that resulted from those difficult experiences. The counselor encourages you to replace those negativeness with jovial thoughts and emotions. 
  • Role play, just like in the movies, helps minimize negative thoughts by understanding the difference. How would you behave in real situations amidst supporting people? Learning to be more assertive in daily life will help overcome hesitations. 
  • Avoid ignoring such low confidence signals that might lead to worse! Facing an audience of strangers to speak is a standard test of confidence. Would you hesitate? Such situations are common in professional roles. If neglected, such complexes could lead to anxiety disorder along with panic attacks if apprehensions are not brought under control. 

Things best avoided

Communication, along with relationships, lies at the heart of interactions with society. Though not everybody feels at home with digital technology, they should learn to be. The awesome domination of the internet via tiny mobile phones has simplified a range of tasks associated with work and business, study, amusement, and social media. 

 It could be phone calls or chat sessions, video conferencing being most lifelike, and imitating the face to face experience. Disability and sickness, distance, space, and time are no problems when it comes to online counseling. Besides, charges are lesser, impressive search indicates that online counseling is effective.

Anticipated counseling outcomes

Get rid of doubts and get on with active thoughts and action! No more will guilt feelings and fear of making mistakes arise. Feeling worthy and adequate to face life challenges are certain hallmarks that everybody cherishes. Develop confidence in social situations.  

Surround the world you live in with positive thoughts and pictures, objects, and people. Indecision and fear will no longer be a bother. Say goodbye to irrational feelings. Avoid unfavorable comparisons with others. Avoid relationships that consider you inferior. Do not fear intimacy and get rid of distorted thoughts.



Thanks to Tanishka Pathak, Counseling Psychologist at MY FIT BRAIN, She helped me in clearing out my depression and things i held onto from my past.
She helped me in focusing on my present and gaining confidence back in life.

I strongly recommend Tanishka if you are seeking help or advice.

Ishank Aggarwal  


Tanishka Pathak helped me to improve my mental health. She supported me in my difficult time and guided in positive direction.
Thanks for it.

If you suffering from any kind of mental health issue, I will recommend you to take advice from her.


Jyoti Singh


It’s really good that you are active in social services too.
Your work really inspired me …
Spreading awareness of a better life by camping is your best move.

Sachin Dixit

Great work for society My Fit Brain, Keep it up.
Now a day everyone is suffering from depression, tension and other similar problem, the step you took it will definitely help lot of people, who don’t know how to handle today life problems with keeping mind cool.

Praveen Atri

डियर डॉ. नेहा
जैसा की आपकी टैग लाइन दर्शा रही है की ” हम आपकी भावनाओं की कदर करते है” बिलकुल उसी के अनुरूप क्युकी हम अक्सर अपनी भावनाए अपने बच्चों में ही देखते है! बस यही कामना है की आप ऐसे ही लगे रहे, ईश्वर सदैव आपके साथ है.

Anuj Mittal

My son is addicted to alcohol and has hyper active in some way but I won’t be able to talk about his health , he denied every time to see a doctor because of this I search for psychiatrist help online , My fit brain help my son to quite his alcohol via online counseling sessions , it is very beneficial for him . I appreciate the work of team, thank you so much.

Abhishek Kumar

Great team of psychologists, with relevant knowledge and the ability to touch upon different themes related to mental health beautifully.

Hrishita Sharma

I am totally confused about my thoughts and due to this I am lacking in my day to day life , Anita Eliza mam counsel me and guide me to deal with day to day issues , she motivated me a lot , I am very thankful to her for the help .


I was suffering from depression for last couples of months . I search on Google to find a psychologist online for help, I got a name of the organization My fit brain, they are really good in every way, I talked to a psychologist over there, she helped in every single way, the counseling sessions are very motivated and I am recovering well because of them. Thank you so much for the help and my best regards to the team of my fit brain.

Shivangi Gupta

They all are professional in their work. i am very thankful to them to treat my friend. Special thanks to My Fit Brain

Deepika Singh

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Without sympathy for suffering humanity and a duty to help, counselors will not succeed with academic degrees alone. We gathered ample experience with numerous cases, and customer reviews throw light on some of the complexities. The mind is nowadays more important than ever with mighty stress levels as a result of technology-based lifestyles. As soon as you contact, we will set in motion a practical course of action to rectify shortcomings. 

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Get rid of doubts that are often a condition of a depressed mind suffering from a lack of confidence. The problem is to get rid of the causes of hesitation. Therapy will reach the roots and get rid of the negativities that the mind has been struggling with. The process will not take too long either, unlike medical ailments.

I look forward to a new and confident version of yourself free from stress and complex thoughts. Enhance confidence with dedicated counseling facilities on a personalized level. 

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